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Veterinary Service

In-House Pet Laboratory

At Allee Veterinary Services, Inc., we believe that every pet deserves the best possible care. That’s why we are proud to offer state-of-the-art in-house laboratory services right here in Hamilton, MO.

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Unleashing the Power of
In-House Laboratory

Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic tests, ensuring you don’t have to wait days or weeks for crucial test results. With our state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled veterinary professionals, we can deliver rapid and reliable diagnostics, allowing us to uncover the root cause of your pet’s condition swiftly.

Our on-site laboratory eliminates the need for external referrals and delays in receiving test results. This means we can promptly analyze samples and provide accurate information about your pet’s health. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to perform various tests efficiently, from blood work and imaging to cytology and microbiology. With our dedicated staff and advanced diagnostics, we can diagnose your pet’s condition swiftly, allowing for timely intervention and appropriate treatment. Your pet’s health is our priority, and our in-house laboratory ensures their well-being.

The Benefits for Your Furry Family Member

Faster Results

Our in-house laboratory eliminates the need for third-party testing, allowing us to provide quick and accurate results. We can quickly apply the proper treatment plan by rapidly identifying your pet’s disease, saving time and minimizing your pet’s misery.

Comprehensive Testing

Our in-house laboratory provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic procedures to examine your pet’s overall health and uncover any concerns, from blood testing to urinalysis. This comprehensive approach ensures that no underlying issues are missed.

Stress-Free Experience

We understand how stressful veterinarian appointments can be for pets and owners. Our in-house laboratory services alleviate anxiety by decreasing the need for several consultations and waiting times. Your pet can receive the treatment they require promptly and comfortably.

Choose Excellence in Pet Care

When you choose Allee Veterinary Services, Inc., you select a staff committed to your pet’s well-being. Our dedication to cutting-edge technology, compassionate treatment, and rapid results distinguishes us. Thanks to our in-house laboratory services, we provide the most excellent veterinarian care in Hamilton, MO.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover the benefits of having an in-house laboratory for your pet’s diagnostic requirements. At Allee Veterinary Services, Inc., you may have peace of mind knowing that your cherished companion’s health is in expert hands.