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Veterinary Service

Pet Emergency Services

Currently, we can only provide emergency services for our established and active clients/patients. This means our doctor has seen your pet or been on your large animal operation for routine herd health within the last year. On occasion, we can see non-clients for emergencies, but it will depend on the current caseload.

Fees and Timing

To help cover the additional costs associated with providing emergency care outside of regular hours, veterinary clinics often charge emergency fees in addition to the standard examination, treatments, and diagnostic fees. The specific costs and timings may vary between clinics, but here is an example breakdown:

Daytime Emergency
(8 am-3 pm)

An emergency fee is $35 plus exam and treatments/diagnostics.

Evening Emergency
(3 pm-9 pm)

An emergency fee is $150 plus exam and treatments/diagnostics.

Overnight Emergency
(9 pm-9 am)

An emergency fee is $250 plus exam and treatments/diagnostics.

Contact Us For Emergency

To contact the veterinary emergency services, there are separate communication channels based on the time and day:

Monday to Friday, 8 AM-5 PM: During these hours, you can call or text the veterinary clinic at (833) 583-8387 to inform them about the emergency.

Weekends and weekdays after 5 PM: If the emergency occurs outside of regular clinic hours, including weekends and weekdays after 5 PM, you can still contact the clinic by texting them at the same number, (833) 583-8387.

After hours emergency services are available to active clients. Text us at (833) 583-8387. *By texting this number, I agree to receive text messages from the above number in response to my emergency request. You may opt-out at any time by replying “STOP”

Please include as much information about your emergency when texting.

*Note: Dr. Allee works for a small animal emergency clinic in Kansas City Saturday through Tuesday Morning. No emergency services are available from Friday at 8 PM through Tuesday at 10 AM. We are sorry for this inconvenience.